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Spectra Edge Motor

Samotný Motor


Číslo produktu: SPEK-EDGEX
bez DPH : 4 123,97 Kč (162,17 EUR)
s DPH (21 %):
4 990,00 Kč (196,23 EUR)

do košíku:

Motorbolt Unit for Spektra machines that require a hex drive motorbolt - features the same high quality Swiss Maxon motor as the Spektra stroke drive motor, perfect for running all needle groupings.

The stroke length is adjusted on the machine body (3mm~4mm) without the need for additional stroke wheels.

Stroke stays inside the machine body making it ideal for dedicated task machines.

The HexDrive MotorBolt reduces axial load, eliminates excess vibration and extends motor life.

Complete with stroke adjustment key, warranty card and certificate of authenticity.


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